• What's the track conditions? If track conditions are a concern, ALWAYS call prior to making the trip. Call the track hotline 989-330-2826 (Grant) (OR) visit our Facebook page to stay updated with weather conditions. For best communication and response, please message via facebook, call or text. If the track is muddy, you can still ride at your own discretion.


  • Are you open on the holidays? Yes! We are even open on the holidays 10am-dark!


  • What is the price to ride for just the day? $30 for a day pass only. The daily fee for riding is $20 plus a $10 daily membership. Keep in mind that members are able to return and ride for only $20 with a lot less paperwork and hassle at the gate! Review our prices for more info.


  • What's the price for a FULL (yearly) vs. DAILY (1-day) membership? A full membership is good from one full year from the date of the purchase. Full membership cost $20. A 1-day is only valid for that day only. So your looking at $40 your first visit (full membership) and then $20 for the rest of the year (or) $30 per visit (1-day)


  • Camping rules, fires, and pets? Camping is free with your daily ride for current members

  • however fees are accessed on a daily basis so if you plan to ride the next day fees will be assessed and collected by 10 a.m. if you choose to stay for the following day. Fires are allowed ONLY if you have a fire ring or use an existing fire pit. PETS ARE WELCOME but must be leashed at all times. Please leave unfriendly pets at home! Generators are welcome to be used. Quiet time is 11pm out of courtesy for others camping. Tents, motorhomes, campers, etc are all welcome.


  • What gear is required? A full-faced DOT approved Helmet, Googles, Gloves, Long sleeve shirt, and Boots that provide ankle support are a bare minimum (Construction style workboot are satisfactory however tennis shoes are not suitable) We highly recommend chest protectors, knee pads, and all additional forms of protection are highly encouraged.


  • Do you take credit cards? Credit cards are able to be used however they are not the preferred source of payment due to associated fees and workflow interruptions they often create. If you can bring cash, please do, otherwise expect to pay 4% when using a credit or debit card. Feel free to purchase a gift card in advance.


  • Do you have a concession stand? We do NOT offer concessions during normal practice days however we do offer concessions during events and during race nights. 3D's Pizza does deliver to our location and offers a variety of meal options as well! Call them at 989-268-9699




  • Whats the track Layout? See the picture below