Track recovers quickly after massive rain event!

At approximately 5 a.m. on Wednesday August 28th, 2013, Stanton, MI received an estimated 3.5 inches of rain!  Sunrise revealed flooded condition leaving much of the parks camping area under-water while putting all other motocross tracks  in the area out of commission. However,  the Moreland’s crew was quick to restore the track by draining, dredging and repairing damaged areas.  The track came around quickly with help from mother-nature in the form of sunshine and wind.  By 5pm, the track was in fair condition allowing two beginner level riders to enjoy while it continued to improve each lap as new lines developed.  As the sun set, the soil was already tacky in many locations, proving that the Moreland’s Motocross facility recovers quickly while its dedicated track crew is committed  to giving their riders the best opportunity to ride after adverse weather conditions appear!